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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  January 25, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> reporter: the water combined with freezing teeratures, turned the beltway into an ice rink, the inner loop was shut down, a man on his way t wk in this red car got stranded. >> giantheets of ice. a river on 95. >> mark fisher and john beavers, helped to gethe panic man to safety. >> we saw the patient waving for us. he was cold. ightened. waiting for us to assist him. >> i know he apprecied it when he got inside our engine. getting the heat. he smed happy. >> reporter: 911 callers initially repord the incident as a crash. >> coming off of central avenue. there is a carp in the tree. >> reporter: it happened in an
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commercial area, leaving a nuer of establishments, includin this icy support business damad. it could kee it closed for days, if not longer. >> right now, it don't look good for me. >> reporter: tt was darcy spencer reported. we want to give you perspective on how much water gushed out of that hole. 50 million galns came pouring out that is enough to fill the reflectingool on the national mall seven tim and still have water left over. the reflecting pool contains sen million gallons of water. temperatures are warmer than they we, hopefully, metro riders won't have a repeat mmute. the single digits tem caused several rails to crack near the rockville stations. causing delays. everything is fixed back to normal this morning. 4:31. time to check in with tom.
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>> warmer. stepping out ofy door, it felt better. >> a hug change. sile digits at this time yesterday. now, ts morning, feet your eyes on e temperatures. wonderful to say,9 feels mild. it does. >> that is pathetic, tom, isn't it? >> we have adapted, i thin right now, it is in the mido upper 20s throughout the region. and a partly cloudy to mostly cloudy sky. it is abo freezing in mos locations. mild air, west othe appalachians, it is general above freezing there. over the past 12 hour, we will see that general area of warme air pushing in. and it is coming wit quite a bit of cldiness. the leading edge of precipitation thatay be turning int a bit of a snowstorm, coming io alabama, and the counties in blue, underwent a wintertorm watch, including counties in
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sohwestern virginia, were they could get snow later today. clouding up thisafternoon. highs reaching the 40, it will feel likepring time. a wintery mix. we will look at that in ten minutes. >> pretty quiet, alln all. northern virginia, on the ca capt -- capital bet wa. pop over to prince george's unty. this was the location of yesterday's mess on the beltway, the water main break. both directions, everything is dried out, nothing to wry about at the moment. into town, southeast, off to a very uventful start. >> it will be a bus day in washington, preparing for
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president obama's statef the union. it wille before a joint sessn of congress. r the first time that will include a repuican-controlled house. the president is expected to try to find common groun witthe gop, focussing on government spending and the onomy. >> my number one focuss making sure that we are competitive, that we are growing andreating jobs, nts just now, but well into the future. >> despite the partisan battles, the seating will be bipartisan. with them sittingogether rather than across the aisle. can you catch the state of the union starting at 9:00, followed by theepublican responsible paul ryan, and a tea party especially by mhelle bookman.
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ther will be street closures around the capital, in preparation forhe speech. new jersey, pennsylvania, maryland and independee avenues. east and south capital streets as well. the closures wil stay in effect until thepeech is wrapped up. >> today, the tragedy in tucson will ben the minds o those. a chair will be left empty for gabrielle giffords, and the family of christina will sit with the first dy. and an intern that cared for gabrielle giffords after the shooting. there are several develoents in the case. jared loughner entered his first plea in an arizona courtroo >> his hair beginning to grow out, wearing wire-rimmed
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glasses, a different picture than the foolish mug shot. shackled and wearing an orae prison ps, he did flashhat awkward grin b didn't say a word in the hearingn phoex. his attorney enters a nonguilty plea and would not contest a prosecution request to move t triaback to tucson. heas been charged with attempted asss nation of a member of congress. murder murder would likely mean prosecors would seek the death penalty. >> the decision to seek the death penalty ultately comes from washingt, from the attorney genel. >>he state charges should com soon, four killed and 11 injured that were not federal employees. the target of the attack,
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gabrielle giffds is moving forward with therapy, despite doctors keeping h in u. she coulde transferred by the  end of the we. the man accused in her attack will likely be moved to a facilityloser to tuon. this morning, former white house cef of staff rahm emanuel. his oonents argued he was not a chicago residt during his time as chief ofstaff, because he rented out his home. emanuel said there is an
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exemption for sving the country d that it applies to him. according to the associate prs, two sources say carol broumer, will resign. shhas been leadingn effort to pass a comprehensive energy bill which has stalled in congress, andead t response to the oil spill in the gul >> investors are hoping for another big day on wall street. yesterday, 20 points shy of the 12,000 mk, that is the highest total in two and a half years, itlosed 109 points higher, the nasdaq gained, and the s specialty p seven poin. >> yet susan g.komen foundatio is in aegal fight over naming rights.
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>> and one o t strictest ban for usi your phone in
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4:41, i am meteorologist tom erein. it is milder, mid and upper 20s, 29 in shington. gettinglurries out on the panhandle in western maryland, a warm front bringing in milder
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air. behind that, a storm system that is developing. a winte storm watches out. parts of west virginia, southwestern virnia and kentucky under winter storm watch on this tuesdaymorning. for us,alconsing clouds. milder, into the mid 40s, and tomoow morning, sleet, perps a little wet snow, changg to rain, and then, back t wet sno that may acmulate, one to three ihes before it ends on wednesday night. and now,heck traffic, jerry. >> very calm out there this morning. very good news. along interste 66, to the beltway, travel lanes areopen. theiner loop, to and beyond i-66, construction, looks like it should be wrapped up before too long. 14 street bridge, we open, both directio. one more stop, south of town at the wilson bridge, we are okay so far. keep it that wa jerry.
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>> 4:42. finger pointing f a ddly bombing. what russia's presint is criticizing. >> and why taco bell 3q
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> 445 is your time, a boil water notice is in effect for 400,000 water must mers after is water main break in prie george's county. the mai burst, sending 50 million gallons gushing and aving a path of destruion. it closed part of the capitol pelt way for eight hours. tomorrow, president obama will give his state of the union address. the president is expected to focuon jobs and the economy, and toeping down partisan
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rhetoric. president obama will take time toonor those involved in the arizona shooting. jareloughner pled not guilty in court. and this just coming in, sky news reporting tt a female suicide bomber is likely behind the bombing at the airport. noroup has claimed responsibilityor the attac >> i think, i am in shock. >> as news moscow's busiest airport, shannon foy's loved ones grew neous. >> i h several messages. friends andamily checking o my safety. >> reporter: she has been in moscow forwo weeks, her flight
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took off before three clchblth this was the scene athe same airport an hour and a half later. 35 dead, the injurieon gurneys. at least one suicide bombe set f thebomber. is eyewitness said he saw a man with a suitcase shout, i will kill you l. >> there were many cries, someone made ashout. this was flowedy the explosion. i saw a suitcase, iwas on fire. >> terrible. i wish i had never seen that i am veryshocked. >> no group claimed responsility, they immediately suspted theubble chechens. >> he used ttter to announce he is tightening security, to prevent this carnage and violent, differe from the mos
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cue shannon sa >> am upset that it may diourage people from going moscow. it is a wonderful, safe pla for the most part. >> reporter: you suld note, it does n appear that any amerans were killed in monday's attack. from dulles interpret airport, news 4 today. a bus explode, killing two and injuring six others in the capital of the philipnes, the explosio was so powerful it punched a hole in a concrete fenc the plosive must have been placed in th middle of the bus. officials tellbc news, as of now, military and federal investigation have been unable to meny dirt connection between manny and julian
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assange. wiki leaksublished several thousandovernment documents. >> can you be sued? taking action against three other charities using "for the cure their slogan. many parents said i is unfair, 37 elementary schools ofr hf day kindergarten. they hope their presence will
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lead them to provideull days of kindergarten for all of fairfax. vivian watts proposed finin drivers up to $500 for using a cell phone behind the wheel. that includes a hands free vice. right now, it is n illegal to hold a cell phone while drivin in virginia. it would be illegal to talk on any device. it would bellegal to text or read e-mail. people in some states maye prohibited from walking and new york are looking to crack down on distracted pedestrians, people who talk and text while crossing the street. it would ban
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wearing headphones in both ears. wow. >> distracted walking. have seen a lot ofeople out walking, they don't- -- those who fall down and sue, those are the ones. that is a bit much. >> tom, we like -- the 29 is not warm, but it feels better than yesterday. r sure. >> lookt the temperature, it is in the mid and uer 20s, in fact, 20 degrees warmer than this time yesterday rning, it is warming in the mountas, west virgin, western maryland. far western maryland and washington,llegheny county, have had a few, breaks in the ouds here. under a winter storm watch.
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in the shenandoah valley, later today into tonight, they could see accumulating snow. watches or warnings o for our region. this is due to a developing area of low pressure. it i spreading rain int alabama, mississippi and tennsee. forward over the nex 48 hour, we will see this system, all the blue a grown. it may start out as snownd sleet, turning to rain. latefternoon and evening, it may ange back to snow that may accumulate on grassy area then it heads to new england, where they could get quite astorm. tempatures milder. going to feel le spng. in the mid 40s by mid afternoon. sunrise, 7:20, sunset, 5:21. we may have sleet and perhaps wet snow. most temperatures should be above freezing, i will probably melt on adway, and changg to rain late afternoon a evening snow
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may accumute a bit. perhaps one to three inches i am thinking right now. mainly on grassy areas, most road tempetures should be above freezing, ending wednesday night before mid night. sunshine on thursday there is a look at the weekend. highs near 40 into mond. how is traffic? >> we are in fine shape into town at this hour. along i-270, t commut germantown and rockville, t only incident is e lef over construction on the right side of the roadway, before montgomery tha should be out of there momentarily. northbound, road work at falls brook. south captolstreet, light volume of traffic, those headed northet, new york avenue, moving along l. the u.s.ostal service is using a new method to select
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which post offices to close. they decided to use a computerized system to take fiv months. ey hope to save $500 miion, consol dates or closing post offices around the country. movie lovers won't want to misthis. the second straight year, the oscars features 10. "thefighter" mentied for best picture, and "the king's speech." . favorite. and "bla swan." the nominees will be announced on "the today show." . >> a law firm has a lawsuit
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agait taco bell, they say taco bell's claim of using beef doest meet usda ruirements to be required as beef. e lawsuit does not ask for monetary damages. taco bell said they wil defend its product. >> the fast food chain mcdald's plans t rai prices. the chain has not said which menu items will see a rise i pricor how much the will go up. >> as long as they kp the food pure a use all beef, do you mind? >> with the new of taco bell, people will be willing to pay
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more for mcdonalds. or maybe eat real food. >> there you go. >> who admits to changing documes signedy lincoln himself? and how3q
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♪ we he been telling you about this hawk flying aund
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the liary of congress, it turns out it is one tough bird. trappe will try to wrangle it again. the cooper's hawk was abl to eat just enough bai without getting caught th will bait another trap. the hawk was spoed last wednesday, since then, it has en aracting gawkers to e library of congress. the plan is to release it back into the wild. accorng to the archives, 78-year-old thomasowry changed e date o a lincolnardon to able to claim finding the document. it would have made it one of lincoln's final actsefore he was assassinated.


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